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Manufacturing LLC
IAAPA Attractions Expo
303 East 1st Street Schaller, IA 51053

(712) 275-4226

Who can buy our rides? The most obvious answer is theme parks, but there is a wide variety of customers from coast to coast that we have completed orders for- family fun parks, festivals, schools, churches, minor league sports facilities, pumpkin patches, shopping malls, and traveling carnivals just to name a few! Just ask one of our staff and we would be happy to provide you with a list of referral companies.
Have more questions?
Do we take trade-ins? We not only manufacture new, but we sell used attractions as well! We accept clean, good condition trades, so all of our used inventory meets quality and safety standards.
Do we offer custom builds? We have a large selection of products in our portfolio and all rides are fabricated and manufactured here, in the Midwest. Each piece can be customized to match any theme. Contact us and see how we can bring your vision to life!
Feel free to call or email and we will answer your request promptly! Click here for our contact information.
Do we offer delivery? We can recommend a variety of reliable third-party vendors, but we do not offer delivery ourselves. Or if you'd prefer, you are more than welcome to visit our facility and pick up your unit!
What type of paint do we use? We use top quality urethane paint finishes to offer long term use and durability of your product.
Will our rides pass state inspections? State inspections vary from state to state, but we offer many options to ensure your unit is ready for your state's inspection and operation. We also provide safety manuals to assist in your inspection process.